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Call for donations: Henk Heijmans Solidarity Fund

   In March 2004, Henk Heijmans suffered a stroke that seriously impaired his language and reading capabilities, even to such an extent that he is quite unable to continue working as a scientist. In addition to being a tremendous personal tragedy for Henk, this situation will also lead to a substantial decline in income for him and his family.

   Henk has had an outstanding role in the development of image analysis and mathematical morphology in the Netherlands and worldwide. He contributed many key papers and several important books, co-organized the 4th International Symposium on Mathematical Morphology, as well as many other workshops, edited the Morphology Digest during 9 years, and served in the editorial board of several outstanding journals and in the program committee of many conferences.

   Given the immense services he has rendered to the image analysis community, we felt the need to express our solidarity with him and his family. Therefore we are opening a fund to aid in financially supporting Henk and his family. We kindly ask you to donate to the bank account opened for it. Here are the details of the account:

Account number:4416832
Account name:J.B.T.M. Roerdink / D.G.C. Broekhuis
Name of bank:Postbank
Add note:Heijmans fund

   Alternatively, if you have a PayPal account (https://www.paypal.com) you can make internet bank transfers through the email address jbtm.roerdink@inter.nl.net

   Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Prof. Dr. Jos Roerdink
Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science
University of Groningen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31-50-3633931
Fax +31-50-3633800
Email: jbtm.roerdink@inter.nl.net
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