List of Submitted Slides for ISMM 2007
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Some links between min-cuts, optimal spanning forests and watersheds
Allène, Cédric; Audibert, Jean-Yves; Couprie, Michel; Cousty, Jean; Keriven, Renaud

A New Shape Descriptor Based on Tensor Scale
Andaló, Fernanda Alcântara; Miranda, Paulo André Vechiatto; Torres, Ricardo da Silva; Falcão, Alexandre Xavier

Morphological texture gradients: Definition and application to colour and texture watershed segmentation
Angulo, Jesus

Stochastic watershed segmentation
Angulo, Jesus; Jeulin, Dominique

On morphological color texture characterization
Aptoula, Erchan; Lefèvre, Sébastien

Watershed by image foresting transform, tie-zone, and theoretical relationships with other watershed definitions
Audigier, Romaric; Lotufo, Roberto de Alencar

A partitioned algorithm for the image foresting transform
Bergo, Felipe P. G.; Falcão, Alexandre X.

An extension of skeleton by influence zones and morphological interpolation to fuzzy sets
Bloch, Isabelle

Watershed-based visualization of high-density EEG coherence
Caat, Michael ten; Maurits, Natasha M.; Roerdink, Jos B. T. M.

Oversegmentation control for inexact graph matching: First results
Consularo, Luís Augusto; Cesar-Jr, Roberto M.; Figueiredo, Luiz Henrique de; Bloch, Isabelle

Segmentation of random textures by morphological and linear operators
Cord, Aurélien; Jeulin, Dominique; Bach, Francis

Watershed cuts
Cousty, Jean; Bertrand, Gilles; Najman, Laurent; Couprie, Michel

Adjacency stable connected operators and set levelings
Crespo, Jose

Perceptual filtering with connected operators and image inpainting
Dimiccoli, Mariella; Salembier, Philippe

Watershed from propagated markers improved by a marker binding heuristic
Flores, Franklin César; Lotufo, Roberto de Alencar

Basis computation algorithms
Hirata, Nina Sumiko Tomita; Hirata Jr., Roberto; Barrera, Junior

Comparing morphological levelings constrained by different markers
Karantzalos, Konstantinos; Argialas, Demetre; Paragios, Nikos

Division of mappings between complete lattices
Kiselman, Christer Oscar

Leveling cartoons, texture energy markers, and image decomposition
Maragos, Petros; Evangelopoulos

Locally finite spaces and the join operator
Melin, Erik

1D Component tree in linear time and space and its application to gray-level image multithresholding
Menotti, David; Najman, Laurent; Araújo, Arnaldo de Albuquerque

Micro-viscous morphological operators
Meyer, Fernand; Angulo, Jesus

Two approaches for orientation field segmentation based on directional morphology
Morales-Hernández, Luis A.; Manriquez-Guerrero, Federico; Terol-Villalobos, Iván R.

Segmentation using vector-attribute filters: methodology and application to dermatological imaging
Naegel, Benoît; Passat, Nicolas; Boch, Nicolas; Kocher, Michel

On distances, paths and connections for hyperspectral image segmentation
Noyel, Guillaume; Angulo, Jesus; Jeulin, Dominique

A parallel implementation of the dual-input Max-Tree algorithm for attribute filtering
Ouzounis, Georgios Konstantinou; Wilkinson, Michael Hendrik Francis

Design of robust pattern classifiers based on optimum-path forests
Papa, João Paulo; Falcão, Alexandre X.; Miranda, Paulo A. V.; Suzuki, Celso T. N.; Mascarenhas, Nelson D. A.

General approach for fuzzy mathematical morphology
Popov, Antony Todorov

Scene text localization based on the ultimate opening
Retornaz, Thomas; Marcotegui, Beatriz

Digital Steiner sets and Matheron semi-groups
Serra, Jean

The random spread model
Serra, Jean

Generalized watershed and PDEs for geometric-textural segmentation
Sofou, Anastasia; Maragos, Petros

Computing approximate geodesics and minimal surfaces using watershed and graph cuts
Stawiaski, Jean; Decencière, Etienne; Bidault, François

News from viscousland
Vachier, Corinne; Meyer, Fernand

Multi-level decomposition of Euclidean spheres
Vaz, Michael Sarju; Kiraly, Atilla Peter; Mersereau, Russell Manning

Self-dual morphology on tree semilattices and applications
Vichik, Alla; Keshet, Renato; Malah, David

A region-based interpolation method for mosaic images
Vidal, Javier; Crespo, José; Maojo, Víctor