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Latest acquisitions/updates
12-04-21 Simulated deforestation versus satellite data in Roraima, Northern Amazonia, Brazil Journal Article
12-04-21 VVV survey near-infrared colour catalogue of known variable stars Journal Article
12-04-21 Nutrient Balance and Use Efficiency in Agricultural Lands in the Vermelho River Watershed, Upper Pantanal, Brazil Journal Article
11-04-21 Análise bibliométrica da produção científica do Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (1972-2020): um estudo de evolução Report
09-04-21 Parameterization of atmospheric electric discharges and the effects on rain and NOx production Thesis or Dissertation
08-04-21 Erratum: Monitoring wildfires in the northeastern peruvian Amazon using Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 imagery in the GEE platform Journal Article
08-04-21 Design, Implementation and Characterization of Cavity for Absolute Radiometer Journal Article
08-04-21 Design of a fully digital BPSK demodulator integrated into a TT&C satellite transponder Journal Article

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