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             abstract = "A case study of an squall line associated to a frontal system over 
                         southern Brazil on 08 th of September, 1999 is presented. This 
                         weather event caused heavy precipitation, lightning and strong 
                         wind gusts in Parana State. The analysis was done using the 
                         Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) data and the National 
                         Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) reanalysis. The 
                         results show that NCEP analysis did not allow the exact 
                         identification of the dynamically favorable areas for the 
                         convective activity onset . On the other hand, TRMM's analysis 
                         depicted very well the presence of an squall line organized in two 
                         distinct bands of precipitation. The first one (equatorward ) is 
                         well organized and associated with high rainfall rates while the 
                         second one (poleward) is associated with stratiform rainfall 
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