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Author 1 Kabat, P.
 2 Dolman, A. J.
 3 Ashby, M.
 4 Gash, J. C.
 5 Wright, I.
 6 Culf, A.
 7 Calvet, J. C.
 8 Delire, C.
 9 Noilhan, J.
10 Jochum, A.
11 Silva Dias, M. A.
12 Fisch, Gilberto A.
13 Alvala, Regina Célia Santos
14 Nobre, Carlos Afonso
15 Prince, S. D.
16 Steininger, M.
Affiliation 1 DLO Wind Staring, Wagening, The Netherlands
 2 NERC-Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, UK
 3 CNRM Meteo France, Toulouse, France
 4 University of São Paulo, Brazil
 5 Centro Tecnico Aerospacial, São José dos Campos
 6 INPE.CPTEC, Cachoeira Paulista, Brazil
 7 University of Maryland College Park, MD, USA
TitleUse of integrated modeling for experimental design: final report
InstitutionInstituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais
CitySão José dos Campos
Keywordstropical rainforest, Amazonia, Large Scale Biosphere Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA).
AbstractThe aim of the current project was to identify gaps in our current understanding of the interaction of tropical rainforest in Amazonia with the atmosphere . Identifying these gaps will then lead to a well designed and focused programme of experiments and field work for the Large Scale Biosphere Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA). The leading two questions to be addressed by the land surface- atmosphere mesoscale experiment of LBA are the following: what are the mesoscale mechanisms by which differences in surface characteristics translate into large scale weather anomalies and what is the role of dry and moist convection in transferring energy and how will it change with different land use patterns? The availability and use of existing data, such as that from ABRACOS and the Rondônia Boundary Layer Experiment was essential to the success of this project. In essence the project concentrated on three areas: ongoing collection of field data, mesoscale and 1-D modelling, and mapping of land cover and land cover change by remote sensing.
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Notes(DLO Winand Staring Centre Report, 145)
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