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KABAT, P.; DOLMAN, A. J.; ASHBY, M.; GASH, J. C.; WRIGHT, I.; CULF, A.; CALVET, J. C.; DELIRE, C.; NOILHAN, J.; JOCHUM, A.; SILVA DIAS, M. A.; FISCH, G. A.; ALVALA, R. C. S.; NOBRE, C. A.; PRINCE, S. D.; STEININGER, M. Use of integrated modeling for experimental design: final report. São José dos Campos: INPE, 1999. 210 p. (DLO Winand Staring Centre Report, 145). IBI: <x6e6X3pFwXQZ3DUS8rS5/zdajR>. (INPE-9903-RPQ/745). Available from: <>.

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... as proposed by Kabat et al. (1999).
... may be found in the literature (KABAT et al., 1999).