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             abstract = "All observational data received at {"}Centro de Previs{\~a}o de 
                         Tempo e Estudos Clim{\'a}ticos{"} (CPTEC) from the {"}Global 
                         telecommunications Systems{"}(GTS) are archived with a consistent 
                         format BUFR (Binary Universal Form for the Representation of 
                         meteorologiacal data). The BUFR data are pre-processed, selecting 
                         data types and performing a few simple quality check and 
                         corretions. Useful by_products of the assimilation system are the 
                         innovation files (Observation Data Stream -ODS) which contain the 
                         differences between the observations and the first guess of ETA 
                         model, interpolated to the observation location. This paper 
                         presents the structure of ODS file and how the GTS data are 
                         archieved in it.",
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