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             abstract = "This article presents the conceptual design of a three-stage 
                         rocket to carry 200 kg payload to low Earth orbits (by the acronym 
                         LEO). From a case study of the flight path of a three-stage rocket 
                         with solid propellants, proceed to select the propellant mixture 
                         that meets the design requirements and path raised flight, taking 
                         into account that it can produce nationwide. The propellant 
                         thermochemical behavior is obtained with CPROPEP software. Knowing 
                         the values of pressure, temperature and specific heat ratio in the 
                         combustion chamber proceeds to design rocket engines to ensure 
                         total velocity change in the system equivalent to those obtained 
                         in the analysis of the flight path. With the design of the 
                         propulsion duct materials that withstand the thermal loads and 
                         pressure, to give way to structural design giving an approximation 
                         of carrier rocket are chosen.",
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