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Autor1 Veiga, Jose Augusto Paixao
2 Marengo, Jose Antonio
3 Vadlamudi, Brahmananda Rao
Afiliação1 Centro de Previsão do Tempo e Estudos Climáticos - CPTEC/INPE
TítuloA influencia das anomalias de TSM dos oceano Pacifico e Atlantico sobre as chuvas de moncao da America do Sul
Nome do EventoCongresso Brasileiro de Meteorologia, 11.
Título do LivroAnais
Data16-20 out. 2000
Editora (Publisher)SBMET
Localização do EventoRio de Janeiro (RJ)
ResumoMonthly information of sea surface temperature (SST), and rainfall from 22 meteorological stations in eastern South America were used to identify the relation between rainfall characteristics of the South American Monsoon systems (SMAS) and the variability of SST over Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The correlations between IMV and SST anomalies show that both Atlantic and Pacific affect the variability of rainfall on the region. In the Pacific, 4 areas that may exert some influence on the IMV were identified: Niño 3.4-Niño 4, Chilean central coast, south central Pacific and the western Pacific off Northeast of Australia. On the Atlantic, the band of negative SST-rainfall correlations between 5° and 20° S can be explained throughout and intensification of the winds related to these SST anomalies, which entails a stronger moisture transport into the continent and thus an increment of rains on this area. In addition, an effect of convection and latent heat release in Amazonia combined with modifications in the intensity-location of the Bolivian high can also affect moisture transport from this region to the monsoon area, thus affecting the intensity of the summer rains on the monsoon area.
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