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             abstract = "istributed development of software has turned into a natural and 
                         modern approach where teams spread over the world cooperate to 
                         develop a software product, and this has become possible due to 
                         the expansion and popularity of global networks as internet. 
                         Collaborative tools coordinate a variety of tasks of several 
                         members of a team with an objective of reaching a specific goal. 
                         One such task that plays a major role, within the software 
                         development life cycle, is testing. In particular this task 
                         becomes more and more important when considering critical software 
                         such as space applications, which is the case of Brazilian Space 
                         Institutions CTA and INPE. The work discussed in this paper has 
                         two objectives: (i) present a web-based tool, WEB-PerformCharts, 
                         that can generate black-box test cases of a space application 
                         software; (ii) show that Statecharts are an excellent option to 
                         model the software specification, from which test sequences can be 
                         generated by applying several methods well known from the 
                         published literature.",
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