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             abstract = "Automated test case generation from behavioral models like Finite 
                         State Machines (FSMs) and Statecharts has long been studied. 
                         Environments that enable a test designer to model a real complex 
                         software and to obtain test cases to validate such a software are 
                         mandatory in an automated test approach. This paper presents an 
                         environment, GTSC, which enables test sequences to be obtained 
                         from both Statechart-based and FSM-based behavioral models. The 
                         environment supports test case generation from some test methods 
                         for FSM, such as switch cover, DS and UIO methods, and also from 
                         some test criteria for Statecharts based on the SCCF family. Two 
                         case studies involving embedded software developed for two 
                         computers of scientific experiments of a satellite under 
                         development at National Institute for Space Research (INPE) are 
                         presented in order to show the usefulness of the environment.",
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