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             abstract = "Carbon xerogel, porous carbonaceous material, and carbon 
                         xerogel-graphene hybrids have been employed in electrochemical 
                         devices, supercapacitors and as electrocatalytic supports. In 
                         general, the production of this materials is based on complex and 
                         costly methods. This work aimed to obtain a material formed by 
                         carbon xerogel and graphene using a simple method, reusing a waste 
                         of paper and pulp industry, the black liquor. Through 
                         morphological, structural and electrochemical analyzes, it was 
                         found that the synthesis method employed allowed the incorporation 
                         of graphene in the carbon xerogel structure. Thus, the produced 
                         composite has promising characteristics for the use in 
                         electrochemical capacitors devices.",
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