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             abstract = "Graphite is known as an excellent current collector and, 
                         therefore, commonly applied as electrode material. Due to its 
                         structure formed by graphene sheets has increased the interest by 
                         surface exfoliation methods for increasing the electroactive area 
                         by expanding these layers. Based on this interest, this work aims 
                         to study the morphological and structural variation of graphite 
                         plates (PG), using the anodic electrochemical exfoliation method 
                         to apply as a current collector presenting higher electroactive 
                         surface area. As exfoliated graphite plates (PGE) were analyzed by 
                         SEMFEG and Raman and X- Ray Diffraction Spectroscopy. The 
                         electrodes were submitted to electrochemical tests for 
                         characterization of the electrode/electrolyte interface s. The 
                         results pointed to the formation of graphite nanotubes, besides 
                         increase the material disorder without significant crystalline 
                         alterations. PGE has interesting potential in the development of 
                         high-performance supercapacitors.",
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