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             abstract = "This work consists of recycling phenolic/carbon fiber prepregs 
                         discards and converting it into carbon/carbon fiber composite 
                         (P-C/FC) from pyrolysis process for applications as 
                         electrochemical capacitors electrodes. The resulting structure of 
                         this process determines interesting properties for these 
                         applications due to its high surface area and capacitive and 
                         conductive properties. The polypyrrole (PPi) incorporation from 
                         chemical synthesis of pyrrole is proposed focusing in increase of 
                         capacitive contribution from the pseudocapacitives processes. The 
                         results from the morphological, structural and electrochemical 
                         characterizations showed the formation of a conducting and porous 
                         turbostratic graphite interface which determined a high surface 
                         area. The polypyrrole incorporated in P-C/FC structure increased 
                         on specific capacitance and the values were limited by deposited 
                         Ppi content. Specific capacitance, power and energy densities were 
                         very close to those verified for conventional electrochemical 
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