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             abstract = "Composite materials based on Manganese and Zinc Ferrite (FeMnZn), 
                         Carbon Xerogel (XC) and Carbon Xerogel with Graphene (XCG) were 
                         produced to characterize the influence of XCG absorbing 
                         electromagnetic material. The properties of electrical 
                         permittivity and magnetic permeability were calculated to study 
                         the electromagnetic behavior of the composites. The tangent of 
                         electric and magnetic loss was analyzed to evaluate the capacitive 
                         or dissipative system in each composition. The electromagnetic 
                         absorption potential was measured in the Reflection Loss method on 
                         X-Band range (8.2-12.4 GHz), due to its application in the 
                         Aerospace sector. The results showed a potential of -31dB 
                         (\≈99.92% absorption) at 12.4 GHz for a thickness of 1.9 
                         mm. The XCG presented great applicability as a reinforcement to 
                         increase the electromagnetic absorption potential of composites 
                         based on FeMnZn.",
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