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Número do RelatórioRTC-10-en
Chave de CitaçãoComissãodeEA::SyIBGe
AutorComissão-de-Estudos ABNT/CB08/SC010/CE70
TítuloSystem for IBI generation
Título CurtoIBI generation
InstituçãoComissão-de-Estudo ABNT/CB08/SC010/CE70
CidadeSão José dos Campos
Palavras-ChaveNorma Recomendada, Identificador com Base na Internet, IBI, identificador global.
ResumoThis standard presents a procedure that leads to the creation of two versions of a global identifier, which is intended, in a long term, to consistently and compactly identify and to provide a convenient access to various kinds of information items (documents, maps, images, etc.), which are typically stored in collections, as found in digital repositories, in archives, or elsewhere. The practical deployment of this global identifier conveniently and essentially solely requires, at no additional cost, the widely, already available infrastructure of the Internet. This global identifier can be used in combination with information storage systems, which deal with collections and which, in this way, may enable remarkable simplicity in the processes dedicated to the creation of copies in different collections, also including simplicity in the migration of information items among such collections. In particular, a variety of convenient applications of a global identifier of this nature in space data and information systems are envisioned.
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